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Hello. It’s me.

The first post.

It’s always the hardest. Like the first mile of a run. The first jump into a cold pool. The first time you pig out in front of someone who is becoming your significant other. JK, that last one wasn’t hard for me at all. I just went for it, pasta sauce and dessert and all. He ended up marrying me, so it worked out.

But – back to firsts. It’s hard to know what to write for the very first post of a brand new blog, because I have tons to talk about! I actually started blogging almost exactly 12 years ago – July 2005 – before “blog” was a well-known word, before I joined MySpace or Facebook, a full 5 years before Instagram even existed. 😱 Back then, I used a live journal to chronicle my pre-married, pre-baby adventures. I only kept up with it for a couple years before abandoning it for social media. Later I started a personal blog and a photography blog (I really like blogs!), but I wanted to have everything in one place – so this baby was born. I use an app, Bloglovin, to follow all of my favorite blogs, and the WordPress app to write new posts easily from my phone. It’s so much easier and more convenient now than it was 12 years ago!

Thank you for visiting! The internet is an endless array of information, and the fact that you’re taking a minute of your time to spend it with me makes me very grateful! I’m going to keep this short and sweet so I can start writing about all the (other) things.

To kick things off, I want to know about you! 

  • Tell me – if you run, do you think the first mile is the hardest?? Or is it the last mile for you? Or all the miles?!
  • Did you feel self-conscious eating in front of a new romantic interest in the beginning (I made a rule, no eye contact when taking bites, only when chewing… haha!)?
  • I can already tell I’m going to have a hard time writing on this blog without using emojis. Do you write out “haha” instead of using the laughing emoji (or do you do both)??