Birth Story Part III: The Baby

We will probably always call him The Baby, even forty years from now.

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015: 8pm. Stronger than normal Braxton Hicks contractions, timed for a few hours averaging 10 min apart. I expect this to happen fast because of my track record. (cue the laughter)

Wednesday, Aug 12: 5am-8am. Timed contractions 5 min apart. We eat breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg, “the last breakfast,” or so I think. Contractions are frequent and intense, but not increasing in duration or becoming more painful. My doctor’s nurse advises us to go into the Birthcare Center, so we pack up the car and head in. Is this happening?! I’m not sure.

Wednesday, Aug 12: 10am-2pm. Nurses monitor our progress, but over the course of four hours, I remain dilated to 3cm with inconsistent contractions. I was dismissed! My 3rd kid is my 1st false alarm!! I can’t believe it.

**(Note to self: Although I don’t intend to have another baby, if there is a next time or if someone asks my opinion on the matter, 1st year residents with shaky hands should receive a firm “no thank you” to checking on dilation progress… it was not good y’all. NOT GOOD)**

Thursday, Aug 13: 1:30pm. Regularly scheduled doctor’s appt. Still at a 3. Doc schedules an induction for Monday if the baby doesn’t come on his own before then. I’m kinda hoping for a Saturday birthday – his due date – because it would be 8-15-15 and I like repeating numbers.

Thursday, Aug 13: 8:30pm. Contractions start to feel more intense, but I wait until they are accompanied by true pain. This Mama is NOT being sent home from the hospital again. Kids go to bed. Brian falls asleep next to me on the couch. By 10pm, I know it’s the real deal. I let Mom know, and she & Dad arrive quickly at the house. Dad stays the night to be with the big kids and Mom heads to the Birthcare Center with us.

Thursday, Aug 13: 11pm. Admitted to the Birthcare Center and dilated to a 4. Sit on a yoga ball, attempt to nap between contractions (as if), await progress. Tired/excited/tired/excited. Thrilled to see we have been assigned to Nurse Cindy, who was the same wonderful nurse who helped deliver Boston almost 7 years earlier.

Friday, Aug 14: 6am. IV in, epidural received, water broken. (Side note: I’ve never had my water break naturally. A nurse had to do it manually all 3 times.) This speeds things up! The epidural is amazing. With Sophia, I felt nothing from the waist down. With Boston, there was no time for an epidural to work (Ouchytown, population: me). This time, I could move my legs and even wiggle my toes the entire time, but the sharpness and pain of contractions and pushing was miraculously gone. Absolutely AMAZING. Best epidural/birth experience imaginable.

**Maybe let’s not talk about the fact that both the doctor and nurse were wearing glasses and I could see everything reflected in them… for someone who politely declined having a mirror every time, I was like “OH so that’s what’s happening down there” 😳😱😂**

Friday, Aug 14: 8:35am. Fully dilated and ready to push! One contraction, two contractions, three contractions and at 8:45am Lincoln Nash has ARRIVED! He’s crying and looks exactly like his brother and sister did. SWEET BABY BLISS forever and ever and ever. The end. ❤️ 

Thanks for following along with my birth stories! Read Part I here and Part II here!

I’d LOVE to read yours – please share or link to your stories below!!

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    October 5, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Your baby is the cutest! I’m glad you had a safe delivery. Lincoln Nash <3 Lush! x

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