About Blogging

My first blog entry was posted in July of 2005. I’m not entirely sure if blogging was a even word back then, and if it was I am certain I wasn’t using it in conversation because I would’ve gotten a lot of strange looks. I started writing on Livejournal before I was married, before I joined Myspace and Facebook, a full five years before Instagram even existed. Over the years, I’ve started a handful of blogs (personal for family, one for running, and one for photography, one supporting local businesses), and I’ve always loved having a space to write out and process my thoughts.

Blogging has really evolved in the last dozen years. You can blog as a hobby or a business, and there’s a ton of information about how to get started. A quick search on Google or Pinterest can send you down a rabbit hole of tips and tricks for blogging newbies as well as those looking to expand their reach. For all of my blogs (except one which was gifted to me; eventually I switched from their hosting which I won’t name here but is the opposite of StopMommy), I purchased the domains and hosting on Bluehost. They offer a great starter package and have really helpful customer service (I had so many questions starting out!). If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog (and are considering learning how to monetize your blog/want your own personal email address/want to feel LEGIT), I recommend going to Bluehost to see if the domain name you want is available and then sign up for 1-3 years of hosting (the longer your term, the cheaper your monthly rate). Keep in mind that when you are self-hosted, you can monetize your blog. If you use free hosting (like wordpress.com), you don’t make money from the ads that they place on your page. And why should someone else be making money from your content? That’s food for thought!

How to start a blog:
 Wanting to start a blog, but not sure how to get started? I wrote a whole post about it right here.

Feel free to contact me
at lisa@lisalately.co if you have questions! I can’t promise to have the answers, but I’m happy to share what I know!